23 Jun 2010

Spider-Man Comic

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At Victor Chandler Games we have started to get a lot of branded games. These have proven so popular that we wanted to show some off to increase there usage. The design I came up with was based on a comic book, and using the motion of flash to add the excitement, and draw the attention on the page.

The only problem that we had was that as we are using the Marvel character we had to pass this by them. The only stipulation was that we had to add the copyright line at the end. I don’t this take anything away from the banner, if anything it adds some legitimacy to the site.

This movie requires Flash Player 8 and above...

This movie requires Flash Player 8 and above...

These banners have been a massive hit with some amazing click-through ratio ranging from 8.89% – 45.06% with only mininal impresions this is only set to grow over the next few weeks.

Click-Through Ratio

Want to

  1. BlackJack Banner (100%)
  2. Quit Daydreaming (100%)
  3. Welcome Bonus (100%)
  4. Football 1x2 Player Cards (100%)
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