25 Mar 2013

Football 1×2 Player Cards

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For this project I was asked to produce a landing page and set of 12 banners using famous footballer images. I decided to play on a few emotions with this project. I wanted to show that this was promoting a game, while hinting at that retro style game Top Trumps. This worked well showing one player vs another, while adding in the odds that you could place a bet on.

Design wise this was something new for the company, with the introduction of a new style of stacked logo, and a cleaner logo removing the heart beat in the background. The grass in the background and the font, and layout a pulled through onto the landing page that includes a video that auto loads. The call to action is split between registration, and Facebook registration to help with conversion.

The landing page has quite a few cards on it meaning you can create more banners and different players all being pulled into the one conversion funnel. This page has increased conversion, and registration so looks to be doing what it should.

See the live page here.


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