15 Jan 2012

Bet Victor – Web Site 2.0

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The new Bet Victor site was two years in the making.

Every element of this site was meticulously thought about and tested. Design, SEO, Speed, and User Experience were all taken into account. With this and a new agile release process this site was designed to be a market leader.

Logo Design / Branding

The aim was to learn from the difficulties previously experienced with the Victor Chandler logo and create a design that worked in multiple instances. As a script, the previous iteration struggled at small resolutions and as it was created from a stylized version of Victor’s signature, there was never the luxury of writing anything other than his name. This logo needed to use an existing font, to work at all resolutions, and to be clean and simple in order to prevent it dating too quickly. For this to work it was important not to follow key trends, and use lower case lettering as many companies had taken to doing, but to follow the more old school caps approach adopted by logos that have stood the test of time – IBM, JVC, SAMSUNG, TESCO to name but a few.

Brand Guidelines

The new approach was decided by the board of directors. My job was to make the new brand work, whilst retaining the feel of the old Victor Chandler brand. We had started to do a lot of advertising at key sporting events, and at horse racing tracks, so it was important that the brand was recognizable when a camera panned pasted at speed. We felt consistency was key and kept the colours of the products the same, and hinted at the old VC Branding with the small lozenge at the end of the text. When I produced the Brand Guidelines (Right) I produced two sets. A small two page cut down version to send out with any logo, and a full descriptive version for any agencies that may need more detail.


One of the biggest problems we faced was natural SEO. As the markets are made dynamically, the URL’s created were numbers that meant nothing to the Google Bot. The new site creates named and structured URL strings. These are useful to both the user and search engines. Victor Chandlers natural SEO has always been almost nonexistent, with the new 2.0 site live the benefits are already being seen.

User Experience

The user experience (UX) of this new site was the most debated problem of all. I created wireframes in OmniGraffle that would be looked over, reviewed and tested. Each product had a clearly defined user all of whom were using the site in a different way. Customer journey was important, but personalization is the future. We implemented an intelligent portal page that recognised what language you speak and would direct you to that territory. With a clever use of cookies, when you first select the product you want, you will never return to that page again. Cleaning up the customer journey, and improving repeated business is one example of the multitude of improvements that have been made, and are continuing to better the users experience.


Loading speed is something that I was keen to address. Our page load times were 6 seconds+. This was a massive hole where we were getting customer drop off. We had to get this timing down. We invested in some monitoring software, and set about addressing image size, code size, and anything that could improve the waterfall effect. The site now is one of the fastest in the industry, at 1.5 seconds.


Bet Victor has a suite of nine products, and each of these products are used in very different ways:

  • Sports – The traditional punter. Users move about a lot, and the site needs to handle a lot of data.
  • Live – The dynamic better. Constantly changing, But users stay in one place.
  • Casino – The high flyer. Users want to see a combination of old school Casino play alongside more engaging new games, and when on a Game will stay still for some time.
  • Poker – Only used as an information point. Games are played else where.
  • Games – The small stake, but repetitive customer. Users want to see new games, and when on a Game will stay still for some time.
  • Spinroom – The lighter approach, designed for our female clientelle. Users want to see new slots, and when on a slot will stay still for some time.
  • Live Casino – The “Real Time” experience. Users login in and stay in one place.
  • Mobile – For betting on the go. Used once, to gain information on how to get the mobile apps.
  • Financials – A different approach to playing the Markets. All on one screen, you stay in one place.

Each site has to be looked at and the user taken into account.

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