Xbox 360

Gamer Card


Jason – Jason never sleeps and always has a controller in his had. You see this man online, get out of his way.
Lazzaridis – Plays for fun but likes to do everything you can in a game. Achievements are great fun!
Oz – Brother number 1, has most games ever produced and will have completed them.
Zoo – Brother number 2, love animal games, that says it all.
Beckor – Likes to play duel games, thinks she’s good at Halo. She’s not bad.
Tree man – Beckors other half he is actually quite good at Halo, but doesn’t like being picked on!
Rossal – Has just got his xbox and is climbing the ranks, even if he should be painting a wall.
Matt – Rayner, Late comer to the Xbox world, should be looking after his son! lol
Alex – has traded his Xbox for a PS3. Shame on you. Can tempt him back from time to time though.
Stefan – Gangster, or so he says! Could be a good gamer, if he ever knew what was going on.
Andre – Can’t play at night, as he gets quite scared! :S
Ian – Another PS3 convert. Ian never played that much, cos we just kept owning him
Moot – Matt plays a bit but has no net connection. One day he might sort it out, but probably not!