The most dangerous phrase in the language is "we've always done it this way." - Grace Hopper

Football 1×2 Player Cards

For this project I was asked to produce a landing page and set of 12 banners using famous footballer images. I decided to play on a few emotions with this project. I wanted to show that this was promoting a game, while hinting at that retro style game Top Trumps. This worked well showing one player vs another, while adding in the odds that you could place a bet on.

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Sports Emails

On a weekly basis it was important for us to keep in contact with our sport customers. These were different styles for different sports. Some needed the latest odds, some were just information, but all had to have the same look and feel to give the customer the feeling of unity.

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Bet Victor – Web Site 2.0

The new Bet Victor site was two years in the making.

Every element of this site was meticulously thought about and tested. Design, SEO, Speed, and User Experience were all taken into account. With this and a new agile release process this site was designed to be a market leader.

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